newest purchases #1

Had an orthodontists appointment to get my braces adjusted so while I was in town I decided to do some shopping here is my newest purchases:

 1. Love the print of these trousers £9 out of Primark, love a bargain! ohh and I fitted into a size 14 I have dropped one dress size since my healthy eating!! CHUFFED 
 2. YOU & ME are just like cats & dogs always fighting but always together, this sums me and my boyfriend up to a T! only £8 from H&M!

 Love a satchel, already have a cream one so I thought was about time I got a black one, £9 from Primark!
 been wanting a ankle bracelet for a while, saw this in a wee stall at £3 love it!
hair accessory to go over my bun love it! £2 from primark! 

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